Vintage Eats

“No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater… than central air”
(Jason Lee as Azrael in ‘Dogma’)

Vivre le Table
I wholheartedly agree with the notion set forth in this quote by Mr. Jason Lee.  It is embedded in my brain as one of the most personally relatable scenes from a movie that I can recall. Almost nothing compares to the quiet, cooling hum of centralized air on a warm summer day. Almost. Another of the great sins in life, capable of rendering me sensless in bliss, is the pleasure derived from a home cooked meal that is made with love and care.  Almost everyone can recount with great fondness some sort of dish, or flavor, or aroma that has the power to instantly trigger happy memories surrounding a table, or at a family barbeque…whatever your venue may be.  Food is not just for sustenance of the stomach, but for the heart and soul as well.  It is a special ceremony that brings people together and bonds them in the basest of ways.

Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the kitchen and its many treasures. I recall sitting on the countertop for hours with my Mom as she would cook, bantering back and forth about thoughts and experiences. Despite the perfectly good couches and chairs scattered about the house, the kitchen was where I wanted to be. Learning tradition and bonding on the deepest level.

Dinner was always an epic event in my household, lasting hours at a time and filled to the brim with conversation of the day’s events that would inevitably evoke growth and understanding of ourselves and each other.  Meals were mired in laughter, tears, arguments, and praise, among many other emotions. Those dinners were the threads that would bind together and weave into the tapestry that is my life.  Listening, sharing, savoring and building the irrevocable bonds that have proven to last throughout my lifetime.

It is because of these fond experiences that I have decided to share a collaboration of recipes that my Mom made for us through the years, as well as note dishes that I have tasted from other kitchens that invoke the same sense of home, warmth and comfort. Please visit the Favorite Local Haunts page as well for reviews and suggestions on restaurants both local to the DC area, and afar from my travels, as well as featured recipes and dishes of note from various venues.