Delecta-dad [rick poillon]

Welcome to the number one resource for the doggie dish and delights! So, as a bit of a backgrounder, in a former life, my Dad started out as a high school English teacher at Sachem HS located on Long Island, NY, and moved on to become a 25+ year veteran executive at Pepsico, where he spent the bulk of his career in the corporate atmosphere battling corporate sized issues. Following his retirement a few years back, my Dad took to the beach and now lives in a humble abode, making the most of a canal front view and his favorite pup. The true essence of retirement, and my idea of heaven. Writing wise, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for me. It is a passion that my Dad and I share, and something that he has had the chance to rediscover, so naturally I asked him to contribute on my blog.

Since retiring, he has become quite the chef…most prominently for a finicky pooch that has a taste for the finer things, though she came from humble beginnings. Dad’s faithful companion, Rosie, has been the inspiration for a burgeoning menu of homemade, fresh doggie delights that make tails wag and coats shine. Please read on to hear my Dad’s story and inspiration, and we both hope that you enjoy his recipes, made from the heart for his best girl.

About Rosie [from rick poillon]
Our family got Rosie at around four weeks old.  She and three of her sisters had sadly been dumped in a wooded area at about four weeks old behind an Arby’s in Raleigh, NC. A friend of mine owned the Arby’s and discovered the puppies when the bold leader of the pack (Rosie) emerged near the garbage dumpster one night at closing time to hunt down food for herself and her siblings. It took him a total of three days to coax the puppies out from woods, where they were already in the process of going feral.

That brave soul salvaged the rest of the pups and we made the wise decision to take her in and make her a part of our family. I didn’t know what to name her at first, and rotated through a list of acceptable and fitting names. Kristen ultimately came up with a name that stuck. Now, understand…this fragile little puppy (who had to be bottle fed upon her arrival) entered a house with two grown English bulldogs and, ever the Alpha female, she took absolutely no guff from them. It was at that point that Kristen devised her name: “Rosita Conchita Maria Gonzales” because she had the attitude of a tough, NY, Puerto Rican street girl…AKA “Rosie.”

All said, sweetest and smartest pup I’ve ever known and a good example of why folks should rescue dogs. Here’s a pic of my sweetie (hard to believe that someone would just throw her out like so much trash) but she has served as an inspiration to me, and my many recipes that make her one happy girl. A metamorphosis for us both, and we hope your furry friends enjoy as well!