Kristen M. Poillon

Simple lowcountry living.
When I started this blog back in 2011, I just loved the name. It’s dainty and it marries the ideas of a young woman’s adventures with food-related experiences. I am a young woman and I love food, after all. But, having lived most of my young adult life in major cities like NY and DC, the “belle” part always nagged at me. It seemed more southern, but I was living in the north. And I couldn’t quite pin down the direction I wanted to go. Would it be a recipe based blog, a restaurant and event blog or an editorial blog? I just couldn’t get it right. It was always a hobby, so I mostly just slapped up whatever I was feeling that day. Lo and behold, I believe I was setting up the framework for my true calling and what would become the true essence of the site. Since moving to Hilton Head Island, SC in the heart of the lowcountry, it all seems clear. I feel like the blog has now earned its “belle” status and I know exactly what I wish to share. All of the changes I have made in my life have made it easy and allowed the pieces to fall into place organically.

Through this blog, I wish to share my innermost thoughts on my life here in the lowcountry and use it as a personal creative outlet, while sharing the beauty of the area with anyone who wishes to take a mental break and experience it with me, through my eyes, in the process. My goal is not to write about what I think people want to hear about or to word it for marketing purposes, but to express what is important to me at the moment and how its changed my life in a manner that comes from the heart. I base my writing on the wonderfully simplistic experiences that I regularly encounter while living the lowcountry lifestyle. It’s a way of living that I continue to uncover and appreciate in this place that I now call home.