Kristen M. Poillon


delectabelle-because every recipe has a story…

Welcome to my website!  Let me say upfront that I am not a chef or intending to pose as a cook with expert devices by any measure. In fact I am not a culinary professional in any sense, unless you count my many years waitressing at local restaurants to pay for spring breaks and bar money in college. 

No, I consider myself a quasi foodie. I truly love to cook, learn new techniques for cooking, collect recipes and dote on all things related to the kitchen in its simple, aromatic glory.  I love the feeling that one gets from a warm and inviting kitchen, full of gadgetry, comradre and possibilities.  There are few places that outshine the kitchen as a gathering place, and in creating this site, it is my goal to blend together all of the elements that make the kitchen such a special place in the home and in our daily rituals, from my own humble point of view.

My real passion leans toward traditional, hearty, comfort foods, born from the love of the home and patience of hand, crafted to evoke warmth and comfort from within.  As I move through the years, more rapidly then I would like to admit, the expanse of my tastes has begun to flourish. I seek to continue my growth and expand the horizons of my palate by going out on an outstretched limb, trying new flavors and textures, and documenting my range of thoughts along the way.

I encourage you to leave a comment where you like.  Your feedback is appreciated!

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