Yep, sure has! Sounds sort of strange, I know, but I had to share this with all of my friends in the NYC area. If you can’t make it to the lodge proper this winter, all the way at the tippy-top of those mountains, then toss on your flannels and ski boots, jump on the subway, and head to the Hudson Lodge, located within the posh and trendy 836 room Hudson Hotel. This seasonal spot, which returns each winter around November, is the perfect place  for some cozy dining on some scrumptious cold-weather fare. The coolest part? Every evening at 8pm, the lodge is engulfed in a real-life (manufactured) snowfall, fulfilling all of your frostbitten needs…oh, and minus the real frostbite too.

All of these factors, along with decadent signature cocktails, a build your own hot chocolate option, and an array of gooey fondues, hearty chili, and grilled cheese, builds the Hudson Lodge into little slice of urban heaven here on earth! But don’t just take my word for it. This cozy little hotspot has been gaining incredible press from some of the most praiseworthy media outlets, including Conde Nast Traveler. Here is a little teaser of what you might experience when you visit. It is conveniently located amidst the greatest city blocks of shopping and sightseeing, so it’s a must if you are visiting NYC for the holiday season!


Snowfall begins promptly at 8pm every night at the Hudson Lounge. Be there or be square.


The Hudson Lodge is ensconced in natural, rustic beauty, with fur rugs, worn wood and deer heads to boot.


A sneak peek at some of Hudson Lounge’s irresistable specialty cocktail menu. We are especially fond of the ‘Clicquot in the Snow’ option. Very clever indeed!



A classic Irish coffee presented with fresh, handmade whipped cream. You can’t go wrong!


The name seems counterintuitive ,but the scrumdiddiliumptious Aztec Cold Hot Chocolate cocktail is a favorite amongst Hudson Lodge patrons. An interesting twist on an old classic.

Now for the eating! Check out this simple, yet satisfying savory menu. Just what you want after a long day of shopping…err…skiing! How GOOD does that chili fondue sound/look?! YUM!


Behold, Hudson Lodge’s Green Chili Fondue. Don’t you just want to jump in and take a bath in that sauce?! What a fabulous wintery treat!


And, moving on to the sweets menu, which is a bit lengthier than the savory, and packed FULL of creative flavors.



Let’s kick off the sweets menu with this little beauty. Mexican Hot Chocolate and Salted Caramel Fondue. I think the name pretty much speaks for itself, as does the picture below. We love this fun intermingling of salty and sweet. An infallible combination.



This is not your average grilled cheese, and kudos the Hudson for being so inventive. This savory/sweet gooey mixture combines Nutella, Ricotta, Gruyere, Cheddar, and Maple Syrup, all served up on crusty, buttery warm bread to create this tantalizing treat. It’s perfect for warming your bones and satisfying your sweet tooth, all at once!


And, last but not least, we would be remiss not to include the Lodge’s signature selection of hot chocolates. Each is served standard with Oaxacan Chocolate and Fluff, then choose from your favorite toppings, which include Crushed Candy Cane, Pretzel Dust, Burnt Marshmallow, or Gooey Cookie Dough. MMM. Even the thought of it warms the bones.


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