7_1-4qt_OvalDoufeu_Flame_L2584_delectabelle_march_16_2012_sale-32_02_fullIsn’t it just a thing of beauty. And smart too. I am pretty sure if I don’t buy or receive this item, we may at least have to start dating. Just another kitchen related goodie to add to the growing list of things Kristen wants! No one can ever accuse me of not having a list.

If you have a similar Le Crueset passion, there is a special sale going on for these wondrous vessels (that have been molded into 6 quarts of orange glowing genius) as we speak. This one takes the dutch oven to a whole new level with a concave top for ice, creating the perfect convection for your roasted goods. Sigh. A girl can dream.

Here is a little tale on how they work. Enjoy!

“For centuries, cast iron ovens would be placed directly onto burning wood or embers. The cook would pile coal or embers onto the lid to surround the food with heat on all sides.

┬áLe Creuset improved the slow cooking process in 1934, when it patented the cast iron doufeu. With a recessed lid that holds ice instead of embers, this cooking vessel stands apart in its ability to tenderize tough cuts of meat.”


“Condensation forms as steam rises to meet the cool underside of the lid. Carefully placed dimples collect water droplets and redirect this moisture back to the center of the meat. By basting in its own flavorful liquid, the food remains moist, nutrients are retained and flavors intensify.”


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