quick_pita_restaurant_exterior_georgetown_dc_delectabelleSo, I would venture to say that most folks, like myself, who live in Georgetown, and nearby neighboring hoods, have had the distinct pleasure of eating at Quick Pita. If not, I pity tha fool. This restaurant, a low budget wonder and the ultimate in post drinking grub, offers up piping hot, uber fresh eats all the way up to four am.

There have been many a late night had for me and my friends after a long evening of carousing on the town that we have phoned up our friends at this lovely establishment. In fact, I wish at times I could hear recorded versions of the lot of us trying to order, but I  digress. No matter how late our adventures have taken us, there is the Quick Pita menu, like a shining beacon beckoning us in the night, guiding us home from the rough seas.

The best part for me, aside from the ideal availability of this menu and the extraordinarily cheap prices, is the quality of the chicken and astoundingly authentic Middle Eastern ingredients…especially when compared to the late night competition that most oft than not serves up grease, grease, carbs, and more grease.

Having not indulged in a while, Kitty Kat and I recently popped into the extremely unassuming, hole in the wall, brick and mortar store on our way home from the Birreria at Pizzeria Paradiso for a late dinner, and I snapped a few pics of my go-to, all time favorite item. Behold, the Shish Ta’Wook Sandwich.

Made up of boneless chicken breast marinated in garlic and lemon juice, barbecued and served on pita bread with hummus paste, tomatoes and parsley, this is pure deliciousness served up in it’s own fluffy little eating vessel, perfect for quick and hearty consumption. Take a look for yourself at the scrumptious evidence below snapped right before I shoved said sandwich in my pie hole with reckless abandon, hummus paste dripping down the sides of my blissfully satisfied face.



Looks pretty delicious, hey? But don’t take my word for it. Order some up for yourself and thank me later. Some of my other menu favorites are:

The Chicken Shawarma Sandwich: Marinated chicken breast served on pita with tomatoes, parsley, onions and our special tahini sauce.

The Chicken Platter: Marinated chicken breast served with rice, hummus and house salad.

The Lamb Shish Kabob Platter: Barbecued tender lamb marinated with spices and served with hummus, rice and house salad.

Happy eating!

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