I have been one busy little bee over the past few weeks, fluttering around town and trying out more restaurants lately than my waistline would like, but hey, Hanks-Oyster-Bar-Washington-DC-Delectabelle-Reviewyou only live once right?! So, as mentioned in a recent pizza post, I had visited local eatery Pizza No. 17 with a good friend of mine to catch up on life and, naturally, scarf down some delicious pizza in the process. As a quick aside, local discount site Scoutmob just posted an awesome deal for Pizza No. 17, so I suggest if you have not tried it yet, now is the time!

Being the self-admitted little piglet that I am, I polished off a good half of the large sized pizza that Scooter and I shared, but that wasn’t quite enough for this gal. After dinner, Kitty Kat pounced in to accompany me for a nice apres dinner drink. As we walked down the street deciding where to imbibe for this later than usual on a school night cocktail, we stumbled right smack into Hank’s Oyster Bar.

Now, I was most definitely still full from my pizza indulgences, but in my defense, Hank’s had long been on my “must try list” for one very important reason…warm pretzels served with beer cheese. I mean, they really know a way to this woman’s heart. I keep a mental list of all of the local haunts that feature this item on their menu along with a good old fashioned mental ranking system. One of these days, my list will reveal itself on this blog so that fellow pretzel and cheese mongers can get in on the action and make calculated and efficient beer cheese/pretzel combo excursions.

Just to give you a quick look, here are a few pics I snapped of the joint. It was very sleek and the bartenders couldn’t have been nicer, ushering out the last order of these tasty bar treats for me despite the late hour. Definitely a nice, chill place to stop in for a crafty little cocktail circa the rat pack era, such as a bevy of house-made punches like the Fire House Punch, and my favorite (pictured below), the Dry and Dirty. This little gem is made up of Cold River potato vodka with a splash of olive juice. Scrumptious and I had never had Cold River vodka before, but I must say it was super smooth and quite enjoyable! I would most certainly return here again the next time I get a “hankering” (pun intended) for a good martini.





Hank's Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon

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