So, I have been posting my thoughts on this blog for close to a year now, and it has been interesting to find my love of all things culinary come full circle. Turns out, a lot of my friends and family are also cooking fanatics and part-time foodies. I have received quite the outpouring of delicious ideas and tried and true recipes, some from my family that I never knew existed. So fun to see those interests all intersect.


No, not this meatloaf silly!

Recently, my Dad, budding home chef and avid follower of my blog (naturally as a proud parent…he would rave about my musings even if I were posting pictures of myself eating dog food out of a bowl on the floor), occasionally sends me some recipes that he has cooked up in his very own kitchen through good old trial and error.

There is nothing my Dad loves more than to discover or create a really great crock pot recipe for a few reasons. They are easy to make, they make the house smell good, and they provide an easy route to a hearty, home cooked meal. I will surely be sharing more with you, as he has become quite the experimental chef in his retirement years.


Try it on a sandwich if you are extra fancy!

However, this recipe is one that he passed on that requires a little oven cooking, but is simple and satisfying. So here I bring you the very first of the man approved meals that my Dad recommends to all the dudes out there who like to bypass the frilly foods for the comfort cuisines. Be sure to leave a comment below if you try it out to shower my Dad with affection and praise for contributing to the blog. Well, in honesty, just tell him how it turned out and if you made any fun modifications that he can try for himself. Happy eating!

A note from my Dad:

Listen up:  This is a guy cookin’ so I’ll give you the flavors, but the measurements are up to your taste. Our family has a long (genetic?) history of eschewing formal measurements, so you are on your own if you are looking for precision. Just wing it and bear it…and revel in your own masterpiece.

Delectabelle’s Dad’s Manly Meals: Guy Approved Killer Meat Loaf

Delectabelle’s Dad’s Manly Meals: Guy Approved Killer Meat Loaf


  • Two lbs. ground beef.
  • 2 eggs
  • About ½ cup each of shredded Parmesan and cheddar
  • About 1.5 C of bread crumbs
  • About a cup of sour cream (trust me)
  • 1 package of onion soup mix (Knorr’s is best, but Lipton will do)
  • Probably about a T. of both A1 and Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano


  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. In a large bowl, combine beef, eggs, sour cream and sauces
  3. Combine rest of the stuff
  4. Put in a meatloaf pan of choice
  5. Cover with foil
  6. Cook for :45, remove from oven, uncover, cook another 10-15 mins. If you like it crispy, play around with the broiler.
  7. Most important step: While this feast is simmering, pour yourself a hefty glass of the wine of your choice or some other adult beverage…I’m partial to either a nice Scotch or a Gin Martini depending on my mood.
  8. When done, let it stand for at least :15, preferably longer (Hey…have another drink)
  9. Fresh broccoli and smashed potatoes are great sides.
  10. For sandwiches, I highly recommend Texas Toast and whatever you like for condiments.


As for the ground beef, if you use the low fat stuff, it ain’t gonna taste as good. I use 80/20. Hey…you don’t eat it daily…this is comfort food so make it taste good.

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