Well, the holidays have finally come to a close, and I am just awakening from a deliciously pleasant vacation with family and friends, fully unplugged from the digital world. This was my present to myself and I have to admit that it was blissful. This also explains for my lagging blog posts, but I thought, what better way to kick off the New Year than with a recap of the eating extravaganza that was my Christmas vacation.

As one would imagine, based on my predilection towards fine foods, my family as a whole loves to get their eat on. Once you have had a chance to wade through my photos, you will learn why my blogging was put on hold…I was too busy…how do you say… “stuffing my face?”


So, as I have mentioned in previous posts, my Mom is a highly skilled cook. Because of this fact, each year we barrage her with meal requests to the point of her exhaustion to keep our cravings satiated well into the year ahead. This year was no exception. Our holiday was nothing short of cracking the proverbial whip (in the style of Ben Stiller as the nursing home assistant in Happy Gilmore) to crank out our all-time favorites. How very 50’s of us, don’t you say? Well, so…that is a slight exaggeration, but here is a photo guided tour of my Christmas “eatcation.” And, as you will see below…I will quickly be starting on a New Year’s “dietcation.”


Christmas Cookies Galore! Mom cooked up M&M and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal treats, among many others, like traditional shortbread and gingerbread.


Next up, Mom whips up her famous homemade cheesecake to make things just a bit more decadent. She used to make these and sell them to steak restaurants, so lady knows what she is doing!


Our bulldog Cooper kindly offers to taste test the final result.


After all of that cookie and cake making, Mom and I realize now would be a good time to take a preemptive walk before the eating marathon kicks off.


And it is a gorgeous morning! Like heaven...


Aaaand, just as we contemplate another lap around the lake, we spot this sign. Looks like it's time to go home!


Seems like as good a time as any to negate any of the calories I just burned on my walk. Starting off eatcation with a late breakfast of champions. My family's patented & age old favorite, the cheese, mustard and Dorito sandwich, should do the trick. Gluttonous, yet delightful, as this one is reserved solely for special occasions.


Mom gets to work on her highly sought-after crispy thin onion straws. A special treat to accompany our upcoming filet dinner.


First, the onions are soaked in a bath of milk for a few hours to tone down the bite and give them a mellow flavor. Here, they are getting covered in a mixture of flour and spices before getting dipped in hot oil.


Here is a peek into what the onion, flour and spice mix looks like during prep. Just drop the milk soaked onions in, seal, and give them a shake before dropping in oil.


Bombs Away!


Just look at them sizzle!


Perfectly seasoned and tender filet Mignon, a floury baked potato, and crispy onion straws, all accompanied by a lovely Chateau Bellevue Bourdeax. Doing the holidays right!


The next night, for Christmas Eve, we are treated to Mom's specialty lasagna packed with cheese, beef, sausage and pepperoni goodness. We all eat to the point of explosion.


The full breadth of the meal included Mom's delicious lasagna, a nice mixed salad, a bit of delightfully chewy baguette, and a fine, straw-bottomed bottle of Chianti to keep it old school and kick it like they do in the old country.


Naturally, we decide to start off Christmas morning with a final round of gluttony by serving up another traditional favorite, the egg, bacon and cheese quiche. Mmmm. Man my Mom is a cooking rock star!


A closer look at the interior of the yummy goodness within the quiche.


And, as a final flourish, and a nod to my Mom's wonderful cooking all week, I hunted down a gallon of her favorite pickles. The kind that you can't seem to find ANYwhere except on Long Island where I grew up. These are a MUST have!


I made sure to snap a pic of the contact info for the rest of you sour pickle lovers out there! These are a dead ringer for the old Schorr's brand, if not better! Ask for sour garlic!

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