domino-sugar-sunrise-abpan.com_delectabelle_giveawayFor today’s installment of the ’12 Days of Christmas Giveaway’ extravaganza, Angela B. Pan of is kindly offering up one of her amazing photographs to the lucky winner. Angela has a keen eye for capturing stunning photos that reveal the true essence of her many mediums. Inspired by the everyday things and people that surround her, Angela sees the beauty in that which might be viewed by others as mundane or common. Her images reflect the life that is emoted from architecture, nature and various everyday subjects, and she has a unique gift for portraying the spirit and presence of the objects of her focus. Her travels have brought her to various locations across the US, where her eye is quick to pick out the unique soul of each new place she visits. Learn even more about Angela by reading her latest interview with Rohan Gilkes, featured on his site

Be sure to visit her website and take a look at her many albums of photos, one of which might just be yours with today’s giveaway! Angela will be providing one 8×12 HDR Professional Photo of the winners choice and a free spot to Alejandra Costello’s Productivity Program in DC.  $300 Value.

Alejandra also helps her clients to see the beauty in life by helping them to become more organized and to live with more purpose and intention to reach their desired successes. She achieves this by helping even the busiest of clients to organize their living spaces in a way that creates better harmony, because by de-cluttering your home, you are also relieving yourself of stress and feel more at ease in your surroundings. She will help you get cleaned up and on-track with weekly task lists and goals to help you move in the right direction toward a stress-free life. Visit her site to learn more about her services!

What you MUST do to win big:
Register here for the contest
Follow @abpanphoto and @colorcoded on Twitter.
If you don’t have Twitter, toss A B Pan Photo or Alejandra Costello a like on Facebook.

Good Luck!

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