Ok, so…as a seasoned marketer, I am always impressed to see clever tactics in action. I also sometimes feel like a ps7s_restaurant_logo_dc_delectabellechump for falling for them hook, line and sinker, but I have to give credit where credit is due. I think most marketing professionals are the same. I am pretty sure that you could sell me just about anything given it is presented in the right package. My inner dialogue would go something like, “Hmm. I don’t really need a pair of used slippers, but I really love the font and the color scheme on the box. Well, maybe just one pair.” Sad but true.

So, this brings me back to my original thought, seeing as this happened to me today. Here I was, just carelessly frolicking through my inbox when I tripped on a log and landed head first on PS 7’s website. I somehow have not been privy to this dining locale as of yet, but, intrigued by their Groupon Gourmet offering today (available through 11/13),  I navigated to their site to get schooled on their menu.

First let me say that the Groupon deal sounds so awesome. It would make such a great gift for a girl’s night out. It’s basically $130 for a cooking experience that follows the cooking style I like to promote, which is of the fly by the seat of your pants variety. The chef who leads the experience, Peter Smith, along with his cohort and expert mixologist, Gina Chersevani, choose a special ingredient as inspiration for the entire meal, as well as the tasty libations to accompany the meal. Anyone who has watched the show Iron Chef is familiar with this concept. For example…today’s ingredient is…an APPLE! ALLEZ CUISINE!!! (insert karate chop)

Once the item has been picked, the chef walks the group of 16 through a menu that incorporates the essence of the secret ingredient, explaining his process, and teaching his kitchen cadets to understand how flavors meld together to compliment each other. Chersevani then works her mixology magic, creating tasty adult beverages to compliment your creations to perfection. If you are the comps_7s_peter_smith_chef_dc_delectabellecompetitive type, also know that the kitchen staff judges the dishes for taste and composition, and the winner has a shot at their dish winning a featured spot on the restaurant’s menu. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. Oh, and aside from your own tasting menu, this event earns you 10% off of your next meal, a 4 course sit-down dinner, and your very own apron to take home with you. That speaks to the apron fanatic in me, personally.

So, as I mentioned, their plan worked on me like a charm. Having noticed the Groupon deal, I ventured over to spend some time on their site perusing the menu, and I must say, this restaurant is getting added to my “must eat” list here in DC. I am not quite sure where to begin on the menu, between the OMFG Dip (a tantalizing mixture of porchetta, caramelized onions, gruyere, country bread, and smoked jus) to the Kobe Steak & Cheese. Or perhaps the Butternut Squash Carpaccio? And I have to say, any restaurant that offers up Chicken & Waffles for the table or House Made Petit Hot Dogs with Pommes Frites? Sign. Me. UP! Oh, and the Squitch Squash dessert? I will let that craziness speak for itself: butternut squash pie, figs, butterscotch pudding, and crème fraiche ice cream.

So, applause to you Peter Smith, and greatly looking forward to joining you my friends, and stuffing my face to contentment.


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