As you wander through the vast landscape of the Internet and navigate your way from food blog to food blog with panther-like agility, we food bloggers are left to ask ourselves what it is that you find most useful, entertaining, endearing…or possibly even (yikes) repulsive!

In an effort to pioneer uncharted territory, our friends at District 365 are conducting a unique survey to learn more about what you, yes you, would like to see more (or less) of.   Weigh in on which types of posts you enjoy most, or how often a food blogger’s recommendation leads you to check out a restaurant or whip up your very own version of a recipe?  Or, even let us know what details most influence your impressions of a restaurant or what special tastes that are being unmet.

These are the types of questions that the survey aims to answer, and I think this will bring us, as writers and readers,  a lot of valuable information on making the food blogosphere an even better place to visit.

Food bloggers will also be participating and weighing on on their thoughts and questions from the other side of the table where we sit. This will give blog readers more insight into the answers to such questions as:

Do you ever wonder what other Foodie bloggers do for a living? How many of them have been able to make money from their blogs?  What about their best sources of traffic?  Favorite restaurants?  How they took their blogs to the next level? How they build and nurture relationships within the community?

So if this sort of sociology project interests you, visit District 365 to learn more about the details, and to help spread the word with friends by way of your favorite social networks. Looking forward to the results!

Ready to take the survey?! Let’s go!!

Survey is now closed.


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