I once read a quote that stated this thought:

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” — Jessica Hische

(Insert dream bubble and distant gaze towards the sky, followed by a prolonged dream sequence, a la JD from Scrubs style.)

I think everyone can relate to this idea somehow. The thought of what may have been had you pursued the career you dreamed of, or what you would be whittling your time away doing if you didn’t have those pesky bills to worry about. But instead, there you sit, encased by a cramped cubicle and bad inspirational posters that provide such nuggets of wisdom as “Hang in There,” uttered from the mouth of a small kitten desperately clinging to a tree branch. Well, lets hope this isn’t actually to true to life for any of you. That would not only be upsetting, but also a little odd that your company still displays motivational artwork circa a 1983 elementary school book sale, but I digress.

So, dreary ‘Office Space’ inspired images aside, you may be asking what all of this has to do with food. Well, for me…everything. Whenever I daydream about what I would love to be doing if I didn’t have to worry about the risks or investments, it always comes back to food…eating it, creating it, innovating it, sharing it…you name it. Hence, the creation of this blog that combines my two loves of eating and writing in one happy little space.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the work I do now in interactive marketing, and it has actually led me to improve the skills I needed to get this blog up and running and fulfill my dream, at least some degree. (Or at least as much as I can accomplish writing in my off hours.) But in my daydreams, I envision myself sitting in a grandiose parlor (yes, that’s right…I said parlor) with a cushy little reading chair and stately desk, an expanse of open windows bathed in sunlight, overlooking the ocean with fresh breezes rolling through. My days would of course be spent focused on food,  hobnobbing and networking with food lovers from all walks of life, hearing their stories and writing them down to share with others. Ahhh…a girl can dream about making a living out of a basic need like eating, can’t she?

Well, I recently read a story on a CNN blog about a woman who is doing just that, and I found her journey to be both courageous and inspiring.

Arlington, Virginia resident Carolina Garcia, did what for the most of us is the unthinkable. She took pause to realize, that even with a wealth of experience and an impressive education, she found herself interviewing for a job that she knew from the start didn’t suit her. Having graduated with a Masters in International Business, tacked on to an undergrad degree in Economics, she felt uninspired by the career possibilities that lie ahead of her. She took solace each night in rolling out dough to make the bread that she had once so thoroughly enjoyed on a trip to Paris years earlier. She eased her mind from the rat race of job searching and worked diligently at perfecting her process, and tinkering with her dough recipes to uncover the secret behind those deliciously crusty baguettes that she had grown to love while gallivanting around Paris.

Despite her apparent love for bread, and the process of making it, staring her straight in the face, she didn’t realize that maybe this was the path that she was meant to pursue. After some coaxing from friends who had tried her finished product, leaving them clamoring for more, the idea dawned on her…why couldn’t she pursuit her baking as a career? What was stopping her? Nothing, that is what.

And, to help her along, a little bit of destiny stepped in. She decided to write an email to Arnaud Delmontel, a French baker who won first prize in the 2007 Best Baguette in Paris, asking him if she could come to Paris and apprentice in one of his three bakeries. Three weeks later, after barely surviving her many “what the heck am I doing moments,” she received a response, inviting her to Paris.

Throwing caution to the wind, one week later, Carolina arrived in Paris to begin baking and a life changing apprenticeship that would shape her future. She now spends her days perfecting her recipe and pursuing her real deep down dream, running her very own LeoNora Bakery.

So, a bit on the inspirational side, but I think that all food fanatics can relate, so I felt the need to share. Each of us has within us some sort of unrealized dream. Perhaps like mine…writing my food memoirs aside a wind swept beach. Maybe yours are more elaborate and they involve zoo animals or some other crazy option that hasn’t crossed my mind. Hopefully you will all get to chase those dreams to reality at some point before you are old and gray.

So, the question is, if you could retool your life and follow a dream, without any consequence, what would it be? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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