Ok, so no doubt that many avid sports fans are ramping up their brackets and painting their faces (or what have you) in preparation for the event that is March Madness. One of my favorite sporting events for the year, no doubt. Well, what is a die hard FOOD fanatic to do this time of year to keep up with the Joneses? Well, the Best Bites Blog (@bestbitesblog) from local favorite Washingtonian Magazine (@washingtonian) has come up with its own version of March Madness with the District Food Truck Battle. In the past few years, food trucks of all shapes, sizes and flavors have descended on the region. Partially an avante garde food movement, and partially born out of a terrible economy and a need for a lower overhead outfit, these trucks have taken the nation’s capital by storm.

Interested in getting in the game? It’s simple! Just fill out your very own Food Truck Bracket and check back here at delectabelle.com or on my Twitter feed @delectabelle for updates. I will be giving you the latest on the various trucks roaming around the area, where these roving wheels of deliciousness will be located, favorites to win, Cinderella stories, and more!

Hurry and grab your bracket today, and get ready to hit the streets…this exciting contest is already underway!



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