Wow! So almost a year after I added my place holder “Hello World” post (yipes), I am finally getting to my first real post and hitting the ground running. This blog is something that I have had in mind for years now. I have talked and daydreamed about what it would look like, and what I would discuss, and how I would actually make it happen. Many long winded conversations have been had over the years around the kitchen counter at my Mom’s house in Raleigh, as well as many beach-chair-clad discussions centered on the direction my dream would take.  Many hours were spent staring out at the great Atlantic ocean, pondering my plan of action, toes dug into the sand of Topsail Beach.  Now I have finally made my dream a reality; I have started my own blog writing about what I enjoy writing about. What a cathartic thought.

I am proud to say, that after a lengthy period of hemming and hawing over whether this effort was worth, well, my effort…I have finally gotten the site to a place where it’s a presentable sounding board and I couldn’t be happier. And even better, this past week, after attacking LinkedIn like gangbusters to build up my culinary network, I have my first official nibble, both in the editorial and literal sense, thanks greatly to my new networking friend, Craig Ahrens of Earth Cafe Living Foods out of California. He was kind enough to reach out and offer me what will be my first official sampling of his organic cheesecakes (all of which are living (raw), vegan, wheat/gluten free, cholesterol free, and he adds, taste amazing). This special treat, also winner of the 2010 Foodie Award from Vegetarian Times, is sure to result in my very first review on the site. To this I say, sometimes inspiration reaches out and grabs you from the most unexpected of places and ignites momentum, reminding you to keep trucking along with your personal pursuits. Thanks to you Craig for giving me a nudge to get writing, and for sending your, sure to be tasty, treats. When I become big and famous, I will be sure to mention you in my Today Show interview!

So, here goes. Plugging nose and jumping into the deep end. I am unsure that anyone will have an interest in reading, or that my writing will strike a chord, but to me this is just part of a journey meant to make my own dreams and accomplishments come true. I hope others (aside from the family and friends that I regularly bribe to read) will enjoy!

Cheers and Happy Reading!

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